Ministry Internship Program


Ministry Internships 2017-2018

info updated 2/1/2017

Rev. Brian Lucas at or 570-351-1619.
 Applications Due: April 30th          Intern Announced: May 10th  



Intern Expectations



Summer 2017 or Academic Year 2017-2018






The Mission


United Methodist college students from the Susquehanna Conference may apply to become a ministry intern in a local church.  Internships are available for summer or academic years to help young people discern God’s call to ministry within their lives.  The intern works with a mentoring pastor who guides their work and provides opportunity to learning (both in leadership and conversation) in personal and professional areas. 


Internships Available

A Summer Internship will be offered for a college student to work at a local church in the Susquehanna Annual Conference.  The summer intern work 12 weeks, 12-15 hours per week with a stipend of $2,500 ($500 given to the student, $2000 mailed directly to the school). 


One academic year internship is offered each year to a student at school within the Susquehanna Conference working in a Susquehanna Conference local church.  The Academic Year interns work 10-12 hours per week for both fall and spring semesters.  A stipend of $2,500 each semester ($5,000 total year) is mailed directly to the school. 


Summer and Academic Year interns must complete an application, references, and personal statement for consideration. Successful candidates will be required to complete a Learning and Serving Covenant defining ministry focus and opportunities for leadership, complete required clearances, and attend a one-day God’s Call event during the internships.


The Intern

The ministry intern must have at least a one-year affiliation with a United Methodist Church ministry (church or campus) within the bounds of The Susquehanna Conference.  The ministry intern should be at least a sophomore in good academic standing at a college or university.


The Mentoring Relationship


Once interns are selected, the director will work with the intern, local pastors near the intern’s college, and the area District Superintendent to determine the placement.  Care will be taken to select not only churches, but pastors who will serve as caring, instructive mentors.  Once a match is made, interns and supervising pastors will meet together and develop a covenant relationship for the internship.  During the internship, effort should be made for the intern and supervising pastor to meet weekly.




Applications Due: April 30th          Intern Announced: May 10th   


E&I Ministry Intern Director

For questions, please contact Rev. Brian Lucas at or 570-351-1619.